19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

12 Blessings will empower youth in disadvantaged urban areas.

“Sometimes you gotta go through rough things. But I know the man above me, being me, the stuff I’ve seen. I know I can handle things and bounce back and just go up. Let the blessings keep coming.”

– 12 Blessings Founder,
NBA point guard Terry Rozier


12 Blessings will empower youth in disadvantaged urban areas by providing resources, mentoring, and support to cultivate confidence in their talents in the areas of athletics, STEM, arts and education – with a focus on those children with the added hurdle of a disability.


12 Blessings seeks to change the outcome of youth, particularly those in economically disadvantaged areas and those with disabilities by fostering a positive self-image, healthy lifestyle, and creating opportunities for achievement they wouldn’t normally be afforded. The activities and mentorship will cultivate confidence in themselves, in their talents, and ultimately pay it forward by being a blessing to their community.


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